Adventure vacations in Slovenia

Bovec kanyoning

Slovenia is quickly becoming a paradise for thrill-seeking adventurers. The tourist offer is very comprehensive, but the most impressive are the views and experiences. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your next vacations – Slovenia is a top destination for adventurers!

The Soca valley experience

If you visit Slovenia, make some time for exploration of the Soca valley, definitely try Soca rafting. Slovenia is a great destination for water-based adventures and rafting is the most prominent. There’s so much to choose from, even if we focus solely on the Soca rafting – Slovenia offers a wide network of attractive rivers, but Soca is the best suited for rafting. No matter what your preferences are, rafting on the Soca river will be perfect for you. There are rapids for your adrenaline rush, there are calm sections for scenic tours, and there are dynamic parts that will be perfect for mixed groups bonding over the Soca rafting. Slovenia really offers everything in this regard!

Attractive adventures await in the Soca valley, not only rafting, but also the unique experiences of kanyoning. For that, you should visit the town of Bovec – kanyoning starts there, as the professional guides will gather the group and set off to the canyons in the vicinity. Bovec kanyoning is just as adaptable as rafting, offering a wide range of experiences. Some canyons are beginner-friendly, they take an hour or two to explore, and offer some interesting challenges to get the taste. In the top tier of Bovec kanyoning you can find difficult tours that might take you six or seven hours! You’ll have to work for it – overcoming a variety of natural obstacles and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to successfully navigate the long canyon. There’s something for everyone in the canyons of the Soca valley!

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