Top reasons for visiting Bovec

Bovec rafting

Bovec is a popular destination for all kinds of tourists, especially in summer. But among the many reasons to visit Bovec and the Soca valley, there are some that are especially noteworthy. We can definitely single out an attractive offer of adrenaline activities, which is the top reason for visiting. Combined with astonishing natural surroundings, it attracts many domestic and foreign visitors each year.

The most popular choice is in Bovec rafting, which is among the basic adrenaline activities you can do on wild rivers. But the Soca river offers a special place, both with its lively flow and its gorgeous color. It’s hard to find such a powerful combination of the most important factors for rafting, which is why in Bovec rafting is a completely unique experience. It’s reason enough to want to try Bovec rafting, even for more experienced adventurers. You can expect completely new feelings and impressions, which is why Bovec is a popular destination among all kinds of adventurers. Bovec rafting is suitable even for inexperienced rafters that want to test the waters, so to speak.

Another good reason to visit Bovec is canyoning. Bovec is situated in the vicinity of some gorgeous canyons, which are ideal for this activity. The courses lead down narrow canyons of the Soca river’s tributaries, which are very attractive for different kinds of canyoning Bovec has a well-developed offer of these activities and courses, so everyone can find the program they are comfortable with. Some courses are ideal for beginners, other are aimed toward experienced adventurers that want to try new kinds of canyoning – Bovec offers even 6-hour adventures down some difficult canyons, which is definitely much more than we can even hope for, if we’re seeking a proper canyoning expedition in pristine nature.

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