Your Very Own Kayak

Soca river kayak

If you are a passionate kayaker, chances are you are tired of renting one every time you want to paddle down the Soca River. Kayak is a significant purchase, so it is imperative to make sure to do it properly. The first question you need to consider is what you will use your kayak for. It might be a white water kayak, a recreational kayak or even a sit on top. When you figure out what you want you will be able to choose the appropriate kind. Your Soca river kayak needs to be a clear water kayak, which is shorter than other types that are meant for sea water.

When it comes to river rafting, manoeuvrability is more important than efficiency. You have the river to provide the pushing, so speed is not of the utmost importance. Similarly, as with rafting in Bovec, Soca, manoeuvrability is important because you need to steer your vessel properly through the river rapids. In Slovenia, if you want to go kayaking or rafting, Bovec, Soca, will be the place to go. To get through this river, by kayaking or rafting (Bovec, Soca), you will need to find your way through the currents, which means that your vessel needs to be able to that.

A good piece of advice is not to buy anything before you test it. A nice looking exterior does not mean your Soca river kayak will suit you. A small detail that is crucial is the seat. It might look OK, but if it will not be comfortable, you will not be able to take your new kayak to a lot of rides. A good idea is also to talk to some people about their experiences with a certain kayak, which might help you make up your mind.

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